‘Elite’ account is available for purchasing or can be given to you as a gift from another user. Below on the left hand side click Menu->Purchase account and select the preferred type of account. You can purchase or receive as a gift an account for multiple times with various duration of their activity: 7 days, 2 weeks, 30 days. For example, you can purchase an ‘Elite’ account for 30 days, another one for 7 days and another one for 2 weeks, so that in the end the duration of your ‘Elite’ account activity will be 51 days in total.
Go to Preferences then click "..." in bottom and Delete your profile. Do not enter video chat for 7 days, after this your profile will be deleted.

You can turn off email notifications about new messages, friends and gifts in Settings section. For further details, please see the screenshot.
Warning! There are frequent thefts of golden credits from users’ accounts. We highly recommend you not to provide your accounts’ credentials to anyone! Vichatter Administrators will never ask for your login or password!
All the users that use a web camera can achieve a ‘trusted status’. This status provides the user with specific advantages: such users do not have any limit imposed on gold credits transfers as well as on the gifted accounts. A user without a ‘trusted status’ is not able to transfer only 5 gold credits within 24 hours, give as a gift only one account if he has some other account besides from the main one. In order to become a user with a ‘trusted status’ , select ‘Get trusted status’ (see screenshot below) on the main page after logging and follow the instructions. Fill in carefully your gender, birth date, city and country and select your name. The final step will be a video call to the moderator who decides whether to accept or decline your request for ‘trusted statuses. You may be not benefited with this status if you have more than one account or you broke the rules of the video chat continuously. For multiple violation of rules the ‘trusted status’ can be withdrawn. You will be able to make a request for the status once again only after some time. The system automatically sets this time and the length of this waiting period depends on number and frequency of rule violations.
If you are active in the chat throughout the day, this is also already an achievement. Become a vital participant in the life of your favorite video chat and receive medals of Honor. The most pleasing part about the achievements is that you can receive them unexpectedly. And that’s what all the fuss about. For example, if your broadcast will last longer for a few hours and it will be gaining more and more interest among a large amount of users then you will most probably be rewarded with a medal. That is why we highly recommend you to show off all your skills and favorite activity – be sure you will be rewarded for that.
Day by day video chat Vichatter gains more and more popularity. More and more people become its devoted users. On one hand, this sounds great but on the other hand….how do I make myself visible in this tremendous crowd? That is why we decided to implement an ‘experience gain’ system. All the active users are able to gain experience for various activities on the website. The more experience you get the higher your level is. The higher your level is the more options of web chat you can use! As said before, experience can be gained from almost any activity in chat. You will be able to gift or to receive an Oscar, express an emotion, get a rating, purchase, and gift or receive a ‘Premium’ account and much more…
There are two types of accounts available in Vichatter. Right after you register in video chat, you get the ‘basic’ account. The ‘Basic’ account allows you to watch others broadcasts and create your own. The second type is ‘Elite’ account. This is a paid type of account that can be purchased for a week, 14 days, and month. It has various benefits:

access to all sections of the website,
tracking option that allows to see who is in which broadcast
recon option that allows to immediately see where your opponent or guest is from
your account is highlighted in chat
ability to create private broadcasts and lock them with a password
possibility to open up to 10 broadcasts simultaneously
possibility to apply all filters to sort the broadcasts
send out invitations to users to join your broadcast
review your guests
review your fans