Only the leader can administrate the clan. He/she can use golden credits that are in clan’s treasury and transfer them to his/her account. All golden credits transfers can be seen in the financial log that are located in Finance tab. This tab is available for reviewing to all clan members.

Leader of the clan can post announcements that will be attached above the main chat window; each announcement is followed by the next one or can be deleted. Any clan member can send messages in clan chat as well as join the video meeting.
The leader can block any clan member within the clan chat. To unblock the user he/she simply needs to go to his/her list of Ignored users. Leader can exclude any member of clan by finding him in the tab Members and using the specific option to do so.
Any user of video chat can review clan profile page where he/she will see clan’s avatar, nickname and avatar of its creator, its name, description and number of members. Any clan member has access to clan chat, which is closed for non-members; all clan members can access clan financial log where all incoming and outgoing transactions can be seen; clan log is where clan members review all the abilities used by other clan members within the video chat; private video meeting for clan members. All the clan members can donate money to clan’s treasury.
To create a clan press the button ‘Create your own clan’ in Profile menu. In order to be able to create your own clan you need:

You need to be level 20 user or up;
You cannot be a member of another clan;
You need to have enough money in your e-wallet to pay the fee for creating a clan (1000 golden credits).

Name of a clan should not contain more than 30 symbols and cannot contain special symbols. Both Cyrillic and Latin symbols; you cannot use a mix of both symbols. If a clan with the same name already exists, you will receive a notification. Name of your clan will appear near nicknames’ of each user who is a member of it in chats and messages.

You can upload any image as an avatar of your clan but it should meet the general rules of video chat. Keep in mind that clan name cannot be changed however avatar and description are available for continuous moderation.

The creator of a clan is its leader and cannot be replaced. The leader cannot delegate his power and responsibilities to anyone.

Clan cancellation. Only its creator or administrator of video chat can disband clan. After that, all clan finances go to creator of the clan. Members of a disbanded clan can immediately join other clans. Right after disbanding a clan the leader can create another clan.
Any user of video chat who is formerly nor a member of any clan can be invited to join your clan. Only the clan leader can send out an invitation by going to users’ profile page and selecting the specific option in the appearing menu.
The user will receive an invitation through messages and will be able to review clan information and accept or decline the invitation. In case if the user declines the invitation it can be sent out once again; if there is again no answer from the user the invitation cannot be sent once again.

The user who accepts the invitation automatically becomes a member of clan and is granted with access to clan interface where he/she can join clan chat and video meetings, information on used by clan members’ abilities within the video chat (Log), list of all the clan members.