Yes, a text chat is also available and you can join it can be joined even without a web camera. Exchange text messages in the joined broadcasts! There is also a general classic text Chat available in Vichatter as well as the in broadcasts’ author channel. The Chat allows the users to exchange text messages and smileys whilst in the broadcast chat one can also exchange animated emotions.
To join someone’s broadcast, when logged in your account, just click the web camera icon on top of page. You will be redirected to the page with a list of previews of currently ongoing broadcasts. The number of such pages depends on how many broadcasts are active now and is displayed at the bottom on the right hand side. You can review them all. In each broadcast, you can see its author, duration, rating and number of participants. To open a broadcast just simply click on the preview window with left mouse button.
Click Ctrl and click on user’s nickname in chat. A menu will open up where you will be able to see users profile, or if you are the author of the broadcast even block him (kick him out of the broadcast).
All the users of video chat have different interests in what to watch. That might be just communication, or erotic, or creativity etc. The Search button allows the users to search for broadcasts by name. With the help of Filter it is also possible to sort the broadcasts by male/female users, open and private broadcasts, or broadcasts where users who have ‘trusted status’ allowed only. You can also sort broadcasts depending on their rating and number of participants in them. Filters are available only for users who have Elite account.
The broadcaster can make you his assistant during his broadcast. This will allow you to block other users in this broadcast, in other words, to kick user out of the show.
- Enter the Video chat module
- Click the «Create» button with «+» icon
- Set up your webcamera and microphone with help of our Device wizard
- Choose broadcast mode: Broadcast or Conference.
- Fill out a broadcast name
- Choose a category: Main or Erotic.
- Specify broadcast type: Normal (by default), Trusted (only for users with trusted status), Friends (only for your friends), Closed (broadcast with password), Elite (only for Elite users).
- Click the button "Start broadcast" and your broadcast will open in a new window.

Broadcast to the whole world! Now you are online and other users can see, hear and communicate with you. We wish you successful datings and pleasant conversation partners!

* Pay attention that you are the moderator of the broadcast and can operate access to the chat or broadcast for any participant, except moderators of the Videochat. You can also delegate the moderator's rights in your broadcast to the assistants. You can appoint the assistant by choosing his name in the list and pressing an icon "Board".
To close your broadcast you have to click on "x" icon in top-right corner of your broadcast window.
The users avatar should not cntain the image of genitals, violence and perversions

The users nickname shouldn't be obscene or indirectly point to debauched actions or be veiled abusive expression

It's prohibited to use obscenes or expressions abusing other videochat visitors in the broadcast tite

* The videochat administration have a right to close the access to the videochat after the first reprimand on the nickname content.