In Vichatter users can use various so-called Abilities. These Abilities can be used on users of the lower or of the same level as you are. Some specific abilities are available only when you reach a certain level in the video chat. Some Abilities can be applied to oneself. Abilities are some sort of a weapon and possess you with almost infinite superpowers. You can punish someone by Sheep-making so that whatever he or she types in the chat will magically turn into ‘beehh…beehh..beehh’. There is also an Ability to make some ‘silent’ so that the user will not be able to type anything in chat. You can also become invisible by using the Ability ‘Invisibility’. To use this ability you need to select the button ‘Abilities’ on the main page of Vichatter. To apply the Ability on someone go to his profile (when he/she is online) and select Abilities. In the appearing window select the preferred ability and click Send. Each Ability has its own price in golden credits, adds you some points to your skills and maybe takes some points off that person. It is possible to apply several Abilities simultaneously.